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Safe & Secure Shopping

In MyGizmo we know that secure checkout and customer information protection are critical and mandated. Customers want a safe and secure shopping experience without worrying about having their credit card information or privacy compromised.

All personal information entered to MyGizmo is encoded using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) before being sent to the site. Customer's log-in action to your My Account area or an on-line purchase, everything is encoded with an extra secure 256-bit SSL in your browser.
On-line purchases are safe for two reasons at MyGizmo:

  • We do NOT store any payment-related personal information (credit / debit card numbers, payment gateway logins, etc.) at MyGizmo. You don't enter your payment related information on our site, but directly at the highly-secured specialized payment gateway page (PayPal)
  • Personal information needed for payment are directly encrypted into a scrambled message that can only be decrypted by the authorized payment gateways